Tev Keep$ it G


Lames catch feelings, we catch flights

I dont follow, go my own way and do what i want -*rebellious" shit

Jet Life is the life i live
M.O.B is the motto follow

Only God can Judge me


Tevin is the name

born in Miami Fl, raised in the Cayman Islands
YEA!- where you vacay. i live a everyday life
D.o.B: 23/6/94

Fuck attention, i rather stay lowkey..
kick it with my nigga$.
Money is the motive,
the music i listen to is my influence,
♥females, is who i stay fly for :*
if it aint Honda, i wont drive it Simple!
Herb and liqour, is what im trippy off of.

Op! thats it fo now
^^^- HitMeUp Puff, Puff ........ Pass
when i say “choppa" i ain’t talking a machete

when i saychoppa" i ain’t talking a machete

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